The rules and regulations of the Guest House

  • Check in: Is from 2pm until 8pm. Later arrivals (overnight flight, for example) by arrangement only.
  • Check out: Is required by midday. In the case of delayed departure, an additional daily allowance may be charged. Check out is only completed once the guests have returned the keys and the owners have had the chance to inspect the room.
  • The guest house has an electricity supply of 220 V, 60 Hz. All electrical outlets are grounded. The three-phase electrical system is protected by individual fuses, and each phase is protected against overloading.
  • Mobile telephones, tablets or computers must be deposited on furniture for charging and not placed on the bed for safety.
  • The Guest House infrastructure is only suitable for adults without special need because of access.
  • All rooms are no smoking but guest may smoke outside.
  • Food and drinks: The rooms do not have a fridge, but drinks are available from the fridge in the breakfast room, guests are requested to tell the staff if they take drinks and they will be billed to the customers at check out. Guests who wish to order food from outside vendors must consume it in the breakfast room, not in the guestroom.
  • Water and electricity are valuable resources that deserve to be saved. Guests are requested to adopt a behavior accordingly. Examples: Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth or shaving, also while soaping in the shower or washing your hair. When leaving the room, turn off all electrical appliances, mainly air conditioning and fan, and check that all taps are turned off properly.
  • The guest house has a key system that prevents clients leaving the premises with the room key. Only the key of the main entrance can be taken off site, the room key remains locked until released by the main entrance key.
  • Only registered guests have access to the guest house, no other person is allowed.
  • Pest are not allowed.
  • The depth of the pool is 1.5 meters. It can be used by customers every day from 7am until 20pm, the pool area is not staffed and guest use the pool at their own risk. To swim in the pool, only bathing suits are allowed, we ask that guests shower beforehand to remove sunscreen. Coloured towels are available to go to the pool; the white towels have to remain in the guestrooms.
  • Guest will find a clothes-line system on their balcony for drying towels and other laundry.
  • Bedding and white towels are changed every third day or at the end of your stay. The rooms are cleaned daily but only when the client is absence.
  • A buffet breakfast is available from 7am until 9:30am in the covered pergola, there is no room service.

In case of non-compliance with regulations of the guest house, the owners reserve the right to request the customers leave.